About FM 90.6

New Zealand Chinese Radio is the first FM Chinese radio station in Auckland. It provides listeners with exciting and independent radio programmes. It is the leading Chinese radio in the New Zealand Chinese community and targets 200,000 Chinese in Auckland.

New Zealand Chinese Radio broadcasts over FM frequency 90.6. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, reaches almost every Chinese in Auckland. Its programme mix includes news and current affairs, documentaries and features, drama and music.

Our news provides comprehensive, up-to-the-minute news and current affairs information, as well as specialist features and documentaries. The programmes include local living news, Australia living news (co-operate with Australia Chinese Radio in Melbourne) and other source from China Radio International (CRI). FM90.6 is CRI’s only authorized Chinese programme broadcaster in New Zealand now.

New Zealand Chinese Radio broadcasts daily live. News is a vital element in our programming, keeping Chinese community in Auckland well informed is considered to be of utmost importance. Talk-orientated living programmes make up 6 hours of primary air time. It is well known for its high profile programmes and personalities including “News 906”, call in programme “Hot Line 906” (through morning and afternoon).

Specialist features and documentaries produced exclusively for Chinese in Auckland focus on the interests of particular groups in the community.

Drama production includes plays and readings of Chinese literature which done by famous Chinese broadcaster from Beijing.

Concert is New Zealand Radio Chinese’s fine music programme and a feature of FM90.6. Music comprises 4 hours of air time.

Much of this is popular song, music, with additional specialist music programmes covering contemporary, jazz and world music. Concert also features international programmes selected from public radio broadcasters overseas, providing an important showcase for the best of china’s performing artists.

Brief History

Radio Chinese was founded in 1998, it is the first and a very popular Chinese radio station in Auckland.

The frequency was took over by Central Media Group Ltd in 2011, The name was changed to New Zealand Chinese Radio.

It is now operated by a New Zealand and Australia joint venture company – Global CAMG NZ Limited.