FM90.6 RADIO CHINESE the first FM Chinese Radio Station in Auckland. Providing 180,000 Chinese listeners with an exciting broadcast experience.
The only radio station authorized by China Radio International
(CRI) to broadcast its programs in New Zealand.

Our radio is everywhere!
It can be found on smartphone, in the car, in the workplace,
Just to name a few …
It is the most accessible and portable medium available to
your customers.

New Zealand Radio Chinese FM 90.6 is the first FM Chinese Radio station in Auckland. It provides 180,000 Chinese listeners an exciting experience in listening to radio programs. Futhermore, FM 90.6 is the only radio station authorised by the China Radio International to broadcast its programs in New Zealand.


Unit 6, 3 Oracle Drive, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand



New Zealand Radio Chinese FM 90.6 broadcasts over FM frequency 90.6. Broadcasting 24 hours a day, reaches almost every Chinese in Auckland. Its programs includes news and current affairs, documentaries and features, drama and music.

FM90.6 直播时刻


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